• Actual Size: Bucket: 12x12x14 inches
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    • Age Group: ALL AGES

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The rules of BasketPong are reminiscent of a standard game of pong — the objective is to make all six buckets before the opposing team. Any additional rules from traditional pong can be added at your own discretion.

A standard game of BasketPong is played by two teams with two players on each team.

To determine which team takes the first turn, also known as a “tip off” in the basketball world, it’s simple: ladies first. In the event there are no ladies present, you can use a simple coin flip, or a classic duel of Rock, Paper, Scissors (best two out of three, obviously).

Teams then take turns trying to make buckets, with each player taking one shot per turn. Each player gets one attempt per turn to try to make a shot, and must shoot the ball from behind their own buckets. Once a bucket is made, place aside to remove it from play.

Once a team has successfully made all six buckets, the opposing team is given a chance at redemption. For example, Team A is the first team to make all six buckets. Each player on Team B will then get one attempt to make as many buckets as possible until they miss. If both players on Team B are unable to make all of the remaining buckets, Team A wins the game. If Team B is able to make all of the remaining buckets, the game will be decided in overtime.

The rules of overtime are the same as the original rules (one shot per player, per turn) but only the back three buckets are in play. In the example above, Team A would have “honors” in overtime, since they were the first team to make all six buckets in the original game. Overtime is played as sudden-death: the first team to make all three back buckets wins the game. Sorry, no second chance at redemption — it’s time to let someone else play.


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